Did you know?

For over 25 years, Merete has been a reliable partner for its customers and supports them with proven implants, instruments, and other services.

Even if you already know us well, there are some interesting facts that we would like to share with you to help you to get to know Merete better.

Every 15 minutes one patient is implanted with a Merete product.

BioBall® MaxiMotionTM Cup, pre-assembled head

Every day we ensure mobility for patients

Merete has been offering innovative solutions in the fields of joint surgery and traumatology for orthopedic care for over 25 years.

Our versatile portfolio includes implants for primary hip care, hip revision and pediatric orthopaedics.

Our bestseller, the BioBall® Adapter System, has more than 4500 possible combinations and offers the greatest flexibility in the field of hip revision.

Nowadays patients in 33 countries are treated with Merete products. An analysis of the last 5 years* showed that, on average, every 15 minutes one patient is implanted with a Merete product.


* (Period 2017-2021)

Every month Merete distributes enough orthopedic implants that, when stacked, would exceed the height of the TV Tower in Berlin.

We deliver!

Our warehouse is a very busy place. Every day dozens of packages leave our warehouses and are delivered directly to clinics and distribution partners all over the world.

Over 60% of Merete’s product packages measure 20 x 20 x13 cm in size and are smaller than a shoebox.  Using small packaging allows Merete to reduce its impact on the environment while maintaining safe and secure packaging that maximizes shelf space for our customers.

If Merete stacked all our packages sent to our customers each month, they would reach a height of 370 m!   This is enough packages that when stacked onto each other would exceed the height of the television tower in Berlin (368 m).

Merete embraces diversity & gender equality.

BioBall® Adapter Offset, BioBall® Adapter Standard, BioBall deltaTM Ceramic Head

We are all equal!

At Merete, we don’t need a gender quota! Why? Because equality and diversity are deeply rooted in our company values ​​and are embodied by the owner Alexia Anapliotis.

Alexia Anapliotis grew up in Berlin and has international roots. Her father and founder of Merete, Emmanuel Anapliotis, is from Greece and her mother is from Denmark. Under her leadership, Alexia worked to eliminate any gender pays gaps.

60% of the employees at Merete are female. And the management level, the ratio between men and women is 50/50!

In addition to Alexia, Merete’s employees also have international roots that enrich the company every day with their culture, skills and wealth of experience. As different and unique as every one of us is at Merete, in the end, we are all equal: Equally Valuable.