At a glance: Tecres bone cement

These bone cements are available with and without antibiotics, and come in a variety of viscosities, including some whose viscosity levels can be individually adjusted by means of holding times. Along with manually mixable cements, Tecres also offers the all-in-one Cemex® System, in which cements are mixed under air-tight conditions.

These bone cements offer numerous advantages:

  • Reduced toxicity
  • Reduced porosity
  • Lower polymerisation temperature
  • Reduced monomer release
  • Reduced volume shrinkage
  • High compressive strength

At a glance: Tecres interim prostheses

The prefabricated, Gentamicin- and/or Vancomycin-enriched spacers are intended to complement systemic infection treatment of the hip, knee or shoulder.

The benefits:

  • High, sustained levels of localised antibiotic release for up to six months after implantation
  • Gentamicin/Vancomycin antibiotic combination is synergistically effective against 90% of all pathogens
  • Packed sterile and ready to use
  • Intraoperative sizing with resterilisable trial implants
  • Certified medical device: User does not become manufacturer
  • Allows digital planning, for example with mediCAD
  • Improves patient quality of life, e.g., reduced weight burden during wearing time, enables light physiotherapy