Reliable partner

Merete stands for a consistent, reliable, and trustworthy partnership. We work with our clients as equals and strive together with them to get closer to our shared goals. Our products and services have consistent quality, availability, and reliability. Whether it’s doctors, distribution partners, or employees, everyone can rely on our team.

Reliable products, processes, and services

We provide reliable, life-saving products to our customers. We see ourselves as service providers alongside our customers. Merete is not just a supplier of surgical implants. Merete is a source and provider of custom-made implants. Our strengths are our services. Based on many years of industry and in-house knowledge experience, we can advise our customers on custom solutions, the best implant selection for their patient’s indications, and in very rare instances, our competitor’s products if they will serve the patient better. We support doctors and medical staff in their work, patients in their recovery, and our business partners and employees in their projects and the achievement of their personal goals. Every employee at Merete takes responsibility for their actions and ensures simple and safe processes.

... with niche character

The essence of Merete is a collaboration with surgeons where unique problems are resolved with specially developed Merete products. We commit to the industry that we will continue to offer solutions for challenging problems. We are proud to be a company specializing in medical technology that serves national and international markets.

Reliable Solutions

We strive, with passion and perseverance, to deliver application-oriented, individual, and efficient product solutions that support doctors and nursing staff enabling them to provide the best possible care for their patients. As a family business, led by Alexia Anapliotis in its second generation, Merete has been developing products and concepts in orthopedics in a collaborative way for 25 years. Through an ongoing dialogue with surgeons, we optimize our implants, instruments, and services not only to improve ourselves, as a company but to enable our products to help patients every day – worldwide.

Our Guiding Principle