On March 8, we celebrate International Women’s Day, where we honor the achievements of the incredible women who inspire us and bring about unprecedented political, cultural and economic change.

We are proud that Merete GmbH is managed by a woman. Alexia Anapliotis has been part of the management team at Merete GmbH since the 1990s, when she initially focused on the development of the company’s sales and marketing operations. In 2015, Alexia ascended to the role of CEO for Merete Holding company which oversees the operations of both Merete GmbH and Aristotech Industries. As of 2022, Alexia also has taken on the role of Managing Director and owner of the company.

Throughout her years at Merete, Alexia has kept in close contact with healthcare professionals in the many different countries Merete serves. From her worldwide and multicultural experiences with these professionals, Alexia recognized the significant impact she as a leader and business owner could have on shaping the internal culture of Merete and how its diversity could better serve its customers.

In this interview, Alexia Anapliotis discusses her journey of becoming a female CEO and business owner in the male-dominated field of endoprosthetics and how her unique, female, perspective shaped the company’s mission, vision, and culture.

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