Mobility represents the movement and agility that we enable or restore for our patients with our products. Through interventions in the musculoskeletal system, where our implants and instruments are used, patients can remain agile and mobile. We have the vision of ensuring this mobility from youth to old age.


In addition to family and happiness, health is the greatest asset of every person. It is the mental and physical state in which people feel comfortable and capable. Therefore, health is more than “not being sick” or “not having pain.” We help patients to fulfill their greatest desire: to become healthy again and stay that way.

Quality of Life

In addition to health and mobility, quality of life is what makes life worth living. Subjectively, quality of life means that a person lacks nothing, feels safe, has access to everything, and feels satisfied or even enriched. We have set ourselves the goal of enabling patients to have a high quality of life through our products, services, and treatment methods, which bring them happiness, satisfaction, and joy in life. That is our driving force: to enable a better quality of life across generations.

For everyone

We want to offer products that consider each individual – regardless of their pre-existing conditions, financial means, status, age, or gender. We do not see ourselves as providers of profit-oriented mass products, but rather as providers of practical and individual solutions. We occupy market niches and dedicate maximum attention to each patient to achieve the optimal outcome for them. We want to be there for patients, doctors, nursing staff, distributors, service providers, colleagues, and for our society.

Our Guiding Principle