OsteoBridge™ Knee Arthrodesis – Extended Plus System

A modular limb preservation system

The OsteoBridge™ Extended Plus System is designed to stiffen the knee joint and bridge bone defects 80-140 mm in length; it can also be used in resection of the metaphyseal region of the femur or tibia.

The Extended PLUS System is used for large-area restorations; it is made up of two spacers which are connected via a spacer connector and two nails. Two straight spacers or one straight spacer and one 10° angled spacer can be used for this configuration. The angled spacer can be rotated as needed to adjust the valgus or varus position of the knee. Defects between 80 mm and 140 mm in length can be treated using the Extended PLUS system.

Properties / technical data


  • Sizes available with 0° angle: Ø 40 mm; lengths of 40, 50, 60 and 70 mm
  • Sizes available with 10° angle: Ø 40 mm; length 50 mm
  • Material: Titanium alloy TiAl6V4 ELI
  • Each spacer is screwed together across two nails using eight clamping screws
  • Sterile

Nails with collars

  • Used only in cemented femoral and tibial implantations
  • Funnel-shaped design assists with cement mantle uniformity
  • Available sizes:
Length Ø 10 mm Ø 12 mm Ø 14 mm Ø 16 mm Ø 18 mm
130 mm GA51013 GA51213 GA51413 GA51613 GA51813
150 mm GA51015 GA51215 GA51415 GA51615 GA51815
200 mm GA51220 GA51420 GA51620 GA51820
  • Material: Titanium alloy TiAl6V4 ELI
  • Sterile

Spacer Connector

  • for the Extended PLUS system
  • Connects multiple spacers
  • Material: Titanium alloy TiAl6V4 ELI
  • Sterile


  • Consequence of an endoprosthesis or joint infection that renders revision/reimplantation of a knee endoprosthesis impossible, or one for which the patient refuses revision/reimplantation
  • – Tumours in the knee area
  • Ligamentary loss of the extensor apparatus for which reconstruction is impossible
  • Post-traumatic defect situations (for which reconstruction via endoprosthesis is not possible)

Case studies

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