We always stick to our commitments and stand by our promises to customers, business partners, and employees alike. We implement business decisions continuously in accordance with the highest quality standards. If there are unforeseeable changes in our implementation process that could affect our internal and external customers, we communicate them honestly and in a reasonable time frame. We treat each other with trust and respect. Every person who works with us knows that what we do directly correlates to what we say we are going to do.


Our actions are open and honest and thus create transparency in all of our operational decisions, processes, and results. We openly communicate our strategy, achieved milestones, data, and key figures to all stakeholders.

Acting responsibly 

We act in the best interest of our company as it relates to our business partners, our employees, and the benefit of our customer’s patients.  In doing so, we handle resources, data, and information responsibly, carefully, conscientiously, and according to the industry’s highest standards.


For us, appreciation goes beyond praise and reflects an authentic interest in our employees and business partners.  We want to understand what drives our colleagues, customers, and business partners in their daily actions. This respectful exchange – also across hierarchical levels – contributes to the continuous development of our company.


We are a diverse team with international roots.  Everyone, regardless of gender, nationality, or sexual orientation, contributes to enriching Merete with their skills and experience. This openness and inclusivity are essential in our search for the best possible solutions to our complex business strategies and goals.  We pride ourselves on working with colleagues who are receptive and are also curious, who are open-minded can look beyond their own perspectives, and who contribute constructive and innovative solutions. 

Our Guiding Principle