BioBall® Adapter Standard

The head adapter system as 12/14 and 14/16 Standard variants.

Today, the modular BioBall® System is available in practically every certified endoprosthetic clinic in Germany. Over the past twenty years, it has established itself in endoprosthetic hip revision surgery, proving its worth around the world.

Merete’s BioBall® system allows surgeons to compensate misalignment between prosthesis stems and acetabular cups intraoperatively. When used in revision surgery, the system’s titanium adapters make it possible to use ceramic heads with in situ stems.

The BioBall® Adapter’s variable neck lengths and range of options in terms of both sliding pairs and head sizes allow intraoperative problem-solving, the advantages of which have been described in the literature many times over. The BioBall® Adapter can also be used to help improve patient gait and reduce luxation risk.

Moreover, the system represents a supplementary treatment option for primary operations, in particular for intraoperative correction of misalignments.

Properties / technical data

In addition to correcting femoral neck length, BioBall® Adapters (TiAl6V4 ELI) allow medialisation or lateralisation as well as correction of retro- or antetorsion.

  • Adapters are designed to ensure the best possible range of motion (ROM)
  • BioBall® AdapterSelector™ 12/14 and 14/16 for intraoperative checking of taper geometry
  • For technical data on BioBall® Adapters for special tapers, please see the overview in our BioBall® Catalogue
  • Our experienced staff would be glad to provide you with more in-depth consultation.

They are available as Offset Adapters in the following sizes and materials:

BioBall®Adapter (titanium alloy =TiAl6V4 ELI) Standard Adapter BioBall® Head
12/14 S-5XL BioBall DELTA™ Ceramic Head (*BIOLOX® delta) or
BioBall® Metal Head (**Vivium™ = High Nitrogen Stainless Steel)
MS 10/12 S-3XL
MS 8/10 S-2XL BioBall® Metal Head (**Vivium™ = High Nitrogen Stainless Steel)

*BIOLOX® delta is a registered trademark of CeramTec GmbH
**Vivium® is a registered trademark of Merete GmbH (High Nitrogen Stainless Steel DIN ISO 5832-9).

BioBall® Adapter System instrument tray, 12/14 and 14/16, non-sterile

  • Colour-coded holders for test components
  • Laser markings / labels on the bottom of the tray help users sort and select components reliably
  • BioBall® AdapterSelector™ 12/14 and 14/16 for intraoperative checking of taper geometry on in situ stems
  • BioBall® Trial Adapters for 12/14 and 14/16 Standard and Offset tapers; radiopaque and clamping
  • BioBall® Trial Heads; Ø 28 mm, Ø 32 mm, Ø 36 mm and Ø 40 mm; radiopaque and clamping
  • Separating instrument to separate BioBall® head and adapter
  • Additional adapter sleeves for separating size 12/14 Standard S or 14/16 Standard M adapters
  • Universal handle with separator wedge for separating the head from an in situ stem taper
  • Impactor for attaching the head and BioBall® Adapter to an in situ stem taper
  • BioBall® Offset Position Assistant 12/14 and 14/16 for visualisation/testing of BioBall ®Adapter Offset settings


In combination with BioBall® heads:

  • Sliding pair revisions
  • Intra-operative correction of offset, neck length, lateralisation or antetorsion/retrotorsion with anchored prosthetic stem
  • 12/14 Adapter: intraoperative correction of offset, neck length, lateralisation or antetorsion/retrotorsion, including during primary surgery

Case studies

Click here for various case studies related to the BioBall® Adapter System. If you have any questions regarding individual treatment strategies or would like more information, please contact Customer Service.

Media library

Click here for current information on the BioBall® Adapter System. Please do not hesitate to contact Customer Service for additional information.


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Click here for current literature on the BioBall® system.

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