BioBall® AdapterSelector™

Instrument for intraoperative testing of taper geometry on an in situ hip stems

The BioBall® AdapterSelector™ is the first instrument specifically approved for checking taper geometry on an in situ stem. It provides surgeons with intraoperative assistance in checking compatibility between stem tapers and adapters. The BioBall® AdapterSelector™ acts as a supplement to purely visual, macroscopic checking, providing additional certainty in intraoperative decision-making. This is especially helpful when treating patients with older or unknown stem models, or patients whose endoprosthetic record card has been lost.


  • For intraoperative testing of taper geometry on in situ stems
  • Once a surgeon has decided to leave an existing prosthesis stem in place during revision, visual and haptic inspection of the smooth, reflective surfaces is often not enough to determine what the taper is made of. The BioBall® AdapterSelector™ provides information on whether this is the previously defined taper and whether it is damaged.
  • Many manufacturers produce hip stems with different taper geometries. Moreover, patients originally treated in other countries often have unidentified tapers or models that have been implanted for a very long time, and many do not have endoprosthesis record cards. The BioBall® AdapterSelector™ helps surgeons inspect the stem taper to determine the correct BioBall® Adapter with great reliability.
  • Documented proof that an intraoperative fit check was performed offers additional security. If you do a check using the AdapterSelector™ prior to using the BioBall® system, you can document that check in your surgical report.

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