BioBall® MaxiMotion™ Cup tripolar acetabular cup

The Dual Mobility Cup with pre-assembled BioBall® head

Luxation is among the most common complications of both primary and revision arthroplasty. Dual Mobility implants are designed to provide greater security against luxation and can help ensure optimum patient care. The Dual Mobility BioBall® MaxiMotion™ Cup is the perfect addition to the BioBall® Systems.

One special feature is, that both the metal and ceramic head are pre-assembled in the inlay, which eliminates the time-consuming press-fit process during surgery. In combination with BioBall Adapters, it provides a high degree of intraoperative flexibility in terms of neck length correction, medialisation/lateralisation and ante-/retrotorsion. By minimising the risk of luxation, the combination offers patients full mobility support.

Properties / technical data

  • Combining the Dual Mobility concept with BioBall® options reduces the risk of luxation
  • Compatible with BioBall® Adapters to allow intraoperative flexibility in terms of offset, medialisation and lateralisation, retro- and antetorsion
  • The Dual Mobility concept combines the low friction of small-diameter heads with the exceptional joint stability of large-head prosthetics.
  • No on-site head assembly required, as the head and inlay are supplied pre-assembled
  • Available as cemented or non-cemented system with pre-assembled Ø 28 mm BioBall® Metal or BioBall DELTA™ Ceramic Head
  • Heads can be combined with BioBall® adapters (see BioBall® DELTA Ceramic Heads or BioBall® Metal Heads)
Cups Inlays
BioBall® MaxiMotion™ Cup cemented (*Vivium®) with Ø 46 mm – Ø 68 mm BioBall® MaxiMotion™ XPE-Inlay with a with a preassembled BioBall® Metal Head (cross-linked UHMWPE and *Vivium®) with Ø 28 mm
BioBall® MaxiMotion™ Cup TPS-Coating with BONIT®, non-cemented (*Vivium®*, TPS-Coating with BONIT) with Ø 46 mm – Ø 66 mm BioBall® MaxiMotion™ XPE-Inlay with a preassembled BioBall DELTA™ Ceramic Head (cross-linked UHMWPE and **BIOLOX® delta ceramic) with Ø 28 mm

* BIOLOX® delta is a registered trademark of CeramTec GmbH
**Vivium® is a registered trademark of Merete GmbH (High Nitrogen Stainless Steel DIN ISO 5832-9).


  • High dislocation risk
  • Advanced wear of the proximal femur due to degenerative, post-traumatic or rheumatic diseases with well-preserved acetabulum, including medial femoral neck fractures and advanced avascular necrosis of the femoral head, which cannot be treated by conservative or joint-preserving surgical procedures
  • The sequelae of previous surgeries (failure of total hip arthroplasty, failure of hemiarthroplasty or osteosynthesis of fractures localised in the proximity of the femoral head and osteotomies in the proximity of hip joint)

Case studies

Click here for various case studies related to the Dual Mobility BioBall MaxiMotion™ Cup. If you have any questions regarding individual treatment strategies or would like more information, please contact Customer Service.

Excellent care for gluteal insufficiency and pseudarthrosis with luxation tendencies. Dr. med J. Singer

Media library

Click here for current information on the BioBall® MaxiMotion™ Cup System. Please do not hesitate to contact Customer Service for additional information.


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Video surgical technique. BioBall® Adapter System - Prof. Dr. med. Weber (München)

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