MetaFix™ LS fixed-angle screws

A screw system for Merete® Foot Plates

Fixed-angle MetaFix™ LS Screws are a screw system that can be used to secure Merete® Foot Plates. Each screw diameter is compatible with multiple fixed-angle Merete Foot Plate holes. This not only reduces clinic storage and replacement costs, but also offers doctors a high degree of intraoperative flexibility.

Properties / technical data

  • Screws come in the following diameters and lengths:
    Length in 2mm increments MetaFix™ LS Ø 3.0 mm MetaFix™ LS Ø 3.5 mm MetaFix™ LS Ø 3.8 mm
    10 - 32 mm x x x
    34 - 48 mm - x x
    50 -60 mm - - x
  • All above-mentioned screw calibres are compatible with the plate holes
  • The cut of the screw tips means up to 35% less force is required when screwing into the 1st corticalis and up to 30% less for the 2nd corticalis*
  • Connector T10
  • Material: Titanium alloy (TiAl6V4 ELI, ISO 5832-3)
  • Compatibility with all Merete® foot plates (reduces storage space requirements and reordering expenses)
Plate MetaFix™ LS Ø3.0 mm MetaFix™ LS Ø3.5 mm MetaFix™ LS Ø3.8 mm
MetaFix™ MTP distal distal / proximal
MetaFix™ I distal distal / proximal
MetaFix™ BLP distal distal / proximal
MetaFix™ Open Wedge distal distal / proximal
MetaFix™ Plantar BG10 distal distal / proximal
MetaFix™ MetaCun x x
MetaFix™ DuoMetaCun x x
MetaStep™ Calcaneus x
MetaFix™ TTF x

* Results of a test conducted internally by the Merete GmbH Implant Safety Laboratory, Test no. TR_2013_002


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