MetaFix™ Plantar BG10 Plate

Plantar arthrodesis after lapidus

Developed in collaboration with Dr. med. Bernd Gaudin, Waldfriede Hospital Berlin, the MetaFix™ Plantar BG10 Plate is suitable for hallux valgus correction with medium to large intermetatarsal angles. Plantar plate placement provides two advantages: For one, such placement has a biomechanical effect based on the tensile principle, i.e., loading closes the osteotomy gap. For another, soft-tissue coverage (e.g. by the abductor hallucis), is so effective that spot pressure loading cannot cause soft-tissue irritation.
In combination with angular stability, this results in high primary stability, which enables quick weight-bearing and patient mobilisation.

Properties / technical data

  • Two plate lengths (37 and 40 mm) with different shapes for left and right
  • Fixed-angle screw connection using MetaFix™ LS screws, Ø 3.0 and Ø 3.5 mm
  • Separate dorsal tension screw – Merete® Cannulated PCS Ø 3.0 mm
  • Bending zones allow adaptation to anatomical situations without damaging the threaded holes
  • Two K-wire holes allow temporary fixation of the osteotomy and the plate to the bone
  • Material: Titanium alloy (TiAl6V4 ELI, ISO 5832-3)


  • Hallux Valgus
  • Arthrosis of the tarsometatarsal I joint
  • Tarsometatarsal I joint hypermobility
  • Metatarsal I elevatus deformities

Case studies

Various case studies on the MetaFix™ Plantar BG10 plate are available here. If you have any questions regarding individual treatment strategies or would like more information, please contact Customer Service.

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