Spacer® K

Interim knee prostheses

The Spacer® by Tecres is a Gentamicin-enriched femorotibial interim prosthesis which is implanted temporarily during two-stage revision procedures performed due to infection. It is a two-element spacer similar to a congruent condylar knee prosthesis. The femur part rests and moves upon the tibia part, which consists of a flat base. The two components are secured to the femur condyles and the tibia plateau with bone cement.

Properties / technical data

  • Antibiotics: Gentamicin
  • Design: two fully congruent parts
  • Available in three different sizes:
  • Size S (femoral shield = 54 mm, tibial base = 60 mm)
  • Size M (femoral shield = 64 mm, tibial base = 70 mm)
  • Size L (femoral shield = 74 mm, tibial base = 80 mm)


  • Designed for temporary use (max. 180 days) as part of two-stage revisions of total knee endoprostheses following periprosthetic infections
  • To be used in combination with systemic antibiotic therapy

Case studies

Click here for various case studies related to Tecres interim prostheses. If you have any questions regarding individual treatment strategies or would like more information, please contact Customer Service.

Media library

Click here for current information on interim prostheses. Please do not hesitate to contact Customer Service for additional information.


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